About Us

About Us


The taste at the centre of Über Flavour is umami – a mysterious sensation that’s not sweet, not salty, not sour nor bitter. It’s the Fifth Taste – the one that’s not from Earth. Early Japanese tea masters achieved umami with all-natural ingredients and great patience. Über Flavour is made the same way – infused with Rooibos – to produce an ancient tea with an African soul.



When it comes to tea, the Japanese are true alchemists. They developed ‘The Way of Tea’, or tea ceremony. Here, loose-leaf tea or ‘Sencha’ is prepared in a tea bowl in a ceremony that honours timeworn traditions and etiquette. It also respects things like the perfect water temperature and the best ingredients to bring about the great ‘umami’ or savoury tang of green tea. No that’s alchemists making an elixir of life.


At Über Flavour, we can’t think of why anyone would want to make iced tea any differently to the refined way connoisseurs make tea. Like the Japanese, we brew tea with natural ingredients. That’s honest-to-goodness honey, lemon and cinnamon with not a chemical in sight. 

Über Flavour is made with Rooibos grown north of Cape Town and the natural flavours are added during the brew process. No additives, no added sugar and no lingering aftertaste, just a refreshed palate.